Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Donna Michelle Nail Polish Stickers

I picked up a big piece of cardboard to use in crafting tonight at Deals. I usually go down the beauty aisle whenever I visit there or the Dollar Tree (which are owned by the same company and sell many of the same items) to see if they have anything new in stock. Tonight I saw they had a few rows of nail polish stickers. I bought nail stickers at the Dollar Tree last year and they turned out to be pretty awful, like actual plastic stickers shaped like nails, but they had some cute designs and it was a different brand. I bought one pack with spiderwebs on it to try out (I love Halloween!).

The results are mixed. The big flaw in these are that they are very narrow. They only give you two of five sizes (ten total), and the widest size would not go across my thumb. I have relatively small-to-average sized hands and average sized nails. I easily find my size in Sally Hansen nail strips and false nails. But these leave a lot of empty space on the nail they are meant to cover. The middle finger size covers my pinky well and might cover my pointer finger, and the biggest size might cover my middle or ring finger, but I would say you should only count on one large non-thumb accent and one small accent decal per pack. You might get two of each if you are lucky, but no thumb accents unless you have narrow nails. The smallest size is pretty much useless. As for quality, if you cut them out with scissors all the way around the decal, they are a lot like Sally Hansen nail strips application- and feel-wise minus the plastic layer on top. It might look like there is a separate plastic layer but there is not. You can put them on either way, square or round side. They include an almost laughable excuse for a nail file, a 1 1/2'' oblong piece of sand paper, but it does work. They are thinner than Sally Hansen and will tear easier. I can't say what they wear like because I just put it on tonight, but they feel the same.

You can put nail polish under nail polish strips to cover the blank spaces, but I do not know how it would look under these patterned and ombre designs. I would view these more as an accent to a manicure and not a full polish job in and of itself. Sally Hansen strips are much more expensive, but they are wider, give you more in a pack and offer better designs. I do not know how they would work on children's nails, but they might work.

I might buy another pack of these to do accent nails if they wear well. I like the accent look and these were easy to apply. I will let you know how they hold up!

UPDATE: They hold up quite well! The first one I applied peeled off while I was sleeping, but I didn't clean my nail before I put it on. Before I applied the next one I went over my nail with an alcohol pad and it stayed on with minimal chipping (the chipping could probably have been avoided by sealing it with a top coat). I kept it on for three days before I decided to peel it off. Lotion helped it to come off with little damage to the nail.

These function the same as Sally Hansen nail strips, which makes me even more disappointed they are so narrow. But it gives me hope that other companies will start producing their own brand of nail polish stickers and the price will come down. These are a fun way to add accent nails in the meantime.

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  1. Try Jamberry Nail shields. My daughter ust became a consultant and I love them. They are the only company that has perfected this great new idea. I agree with everything you said about the Michelle ones. Not bad, but plenty of room for improvement. I also like the Jamberry solid colors. Here's my daughter's webpage. http://trythem.jamberrynails.net/?ref=trythem